Family Portrait Plans – A Professional Portrait Studio’s Money-Making Idea

There are a few things you should take into consideration when you want to take a portrait photograph. These photographs are not your normal day-to-day photos, as they are planned around a theme or a particular place you want to capture. Most professional photographers go through the whole process with you beforehand to discuss and plan it out in detail, as this avoids unnecessary problems.

I read a survey recently of professional photographers. One of the questions was, “how long does it take to get competent behind the camera?” The average answer was five years. Five years of studying, making mistakes and corrections, learning lighting, posing, color harmony and tonal balance.

Poorly? You come away thinking that they really aren’t professional after all! And that’s disappointing, isn’t it? Doesn’t that make you feel that your trust was violated or taken advantage of? That’s NOT the impression you as a boca raton professional-head-shots want to make!

Start by dressing your child in something plain. Pick a solid color that compliments your baby’s skin tone without a crazy pattern or words splashed across the front.

What is your “ethic”? How do you view your responsibility to your client? How important is it to you that you give your client a good experience in working with you, and that you deliver excellent portraits? Do you always “give your all” when working with your clients? How important is it to you that you be on time, and are prepared to do the best job you can for them? Do you deliver your client’s portraits on or before the date promised, or is that just not all that important to you…after all you have their money already…?

The most endearing part of any photograph of people is the expression. All other elements may fail, and we still love the photograph because of the expression.

Besides being competent with their camera and lights, a professional portrait photographer should also put you at ease, and give you a sense of confidence that they will do the kind of job that will make you happy!