Making Beats – The Art And The Craft

Learning music production from home is one of the most enjoyable things to do as a producer, you get to make your mistakes without any body knowing, you get to experiment without anybody seeing your tricks and techniques… music production is truly amazing. Suddenly in the past 5 years there has been a massive raise in the way music production is seen in the educational eyes and college and university courses have been popping up like hot cakes all over the world.

There was a burning desire within me to make my own beats. I knew I could write rap lyrics and I also knew what kinds of sounds I wanted to hear musically. If you are asking yourself what it takes to be a music producer, then you probably feel like this too.

With a phone call Susan provided me with the opportunity to get a job at A and R Recording, where I got to work with Judy and many other extraordinary artists. She was also the very first person to give me the chance to sit behind the recording console as an engineer.

We cannot deny the fact that with a good recording studio and thorough Pop Song writing, one can create an awesome dance track that sound similar to the ones which hit the charts. But not all of us have that kind of money to but expensive equipment.

Dub Turbo comes with tools that make it perfect for beginners. In addition to the mixing software, video tutorials are included that make it easy to make your first track in less than an hour.

Do not use too much stimulus at the same time in your video. Remember, the brain can process only one thing at a time. Stay away from images, scrolling text and voice over combination’s. Much of your message will not be heard when you include too much information at the same time. Plus, the portions that do register in your viewers minds will be less effective when too much is going on at the same time.

Create or buy an awesome beat for the song if it’s in r&b or most types of pop, and if it’s a song with a much more “live” feel wait until the next step (3) before proceeding.

So there you go – quick and easy ways to use MIDI and sounds like those you can get here on DMS or from elsewhere on the net in Reason! While the specifics of operation of each of the Reason devices we’ve used today is beyond the scope of this guide you’ll find plenty of tutorials on Reason related sites and some great videos on YouTube.