Small Home Based Business Opportunity – Need Ideas?

Germs and bacteria can quickly spread in an office environment. With so many people gather in one close quarters in no wonder that the office can be danger hazard. For example flu can quickly spread from one infected worker to an another and pretty soon the whole office is sick and the work has to come to a halt. That is why is so important to keep proper office hygiene to prevent any outbreaks or at least keep yourself healthy. Okay, having to miss work is great but still most of you would prefer not to do it because they are so sick that they cannot leave their bed.

Floors. It goes under low furniture, making sure no dust balls or pet hair gather even in those hard-to-reach places. All you need to do is press a button.

Some families care for an elderly loved one or a family member who is sick. In many cases, caregivers have little time to devote to household chores. By choosing a company to take care of the household chores, you can spend more time doing those things you must for someone sick. This can also leave more time for just you as well.

According to recent reports, the cleaning industry is a fast growing component of the American economy. The highest demand comes from residential cleaning. Even the office cleaning london segment is a multi million dollar industry.

Your first job is to measure the square footage of the area. Make sure to get the right measures for the cleaning with the help of measuring tape. Just multiply the length of the room to its width. Write down every measure and save it somewhere. You may not need them only for cleaning. Your next goal is to examine the office and determine what tasks have to be performed. Look at any basic task, such as window cleaning, rubbish removal, dusting, wall washing, wiping and so on. Some of these simple task can be performed directly by your employees. Just issue an order that all of your staff has to clean and maintain its working place once a week, for example. Make sure to motivate your employees to do the job, not just treating them like cleaning slaves.

First you should always have a minimum charge no matter how small the job may be. After all, you are in business to make money. A reasonable minimum charge per job should be in the area of $60 dollars or more. In addition to having a minimum charge you should always double your labor cost.

Its cheap to start up, a few cleaning materials and a tub vacuum cleaner, and you can start immediately! Use of a car to get from job to job, do the job well and recommendations will bring more work your way. Before you know it, you will need to expand your business, and start employing staff to do the work for you.

This is a great time also to find out how much independence the janitor service works with. Depending on what you are looking for more or less independence may work well for you. Be sure and find out what kind of interaction the reference has with the cleaning service and how often. You don’t want to hire wrong, it will take so many extra hours of your time that should be going into your business not your janitor service.