Window Treatments – Getting Both Privacy And Light

There are several reasons why using window film in your home can add value and save you money at the same time. Static cling film and adhesive film has become increasingly popular over the years and for good reason. I will explain the top 3 reasons why the window film market has exploded.

If replacing windows and doors is too expensive at the moment, purchase enough weather stripping to fill in gaps where heat is escaping and cold air is seeping into the house. Line the perimeter of exterior doors along the tops, the sides and at the floor. Use window and door draft stoppers as a way to temporarily plug gaps where heat and cold exchange happens.

At that time I owned a telas de proteção bh business for almost 10 years. We sold and installed a film that is put on windows to block out the sun’s UV rays, heat, and glare… very popular in the hot sunny climate Florida has. Every company that I knew always promoted the product they carried i.e. 3M, Llumar, SunGard what ever particular window protection they carried. The idea was to convince the homer owner that your particular product was better than the rest.

You may even look into refinishing some products but ensure that you do this correctly and really know what you are doing by doing your homework first. Pay attention to instructions and ensure you strip completely and complete the finishing just as the advice recommends.

One way to overcome this is to use both curtains and window films at the same time. They complement each other. Window films may be used purely for decorative purpose and may be drawn if you want the room to be blocked of light.

Before applying the protection for home windows make sure that your windows are clean. Use a mild detergent mixed with water inside a spray bottle to soak the window. A squeegee works great to remove the solution and to clean up the excess liquid use lint free paper towels. Ensure that your window and protection for home windows are both soaked with the solution while you apply. Soak your hands as well to ensure no fingerprints are left behind.

Soaking and scraping Method: If not to the other methods, or if it is used a small area of color, this method can be used (although it is time consuming).

RULE 5: “Don’t put a big piece of furniture in a small room.” A big piece of furniture in a small room can actually ‘make’ the room. Sometimes a large piece can look like a built-in. As long as you allow ample room to move about the room, don’t hesitate to try a large piece in a small room. If you aren’t sure a large piece will fit, use a room planner to rearrange your furniture on paper rather than with your back.